Tom Brady Teams Up With Purple Carrot

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Five time Super Bowl winner and quarterback for the New England Patriots Tom Brady has signed a new kind of contract, this time to create and promote a plant based meal plan for athletes. The “TB12 Performance Kit” will launch April 3rd and run $78 dollars a week for “2 servings per meal and three meals per week”. It’s made up of gluten free, high protein, and low refined sugar foods.

Tom Brady told CNBC:

“We want to inspire everyone not just athletes to be their best, and I think these meals will be a big step in that direction.”

Andy Levitt CEO of Purple Carrot says Brady’s deal with them will draw in people who would have never considered a plant based diet or veganism:

“A lot of people, when I started Purple Carrot, thought a plant based kit would be niche in nature, and I think we’ve shown through our growth that plant based has become far more mainstream.”

In 2016 Purple Carrot began a nationwide expansion thanks to a $5 million dollar injection of capitol. This also allowed them to establish themselves in Whole Foods and they have created relationships and meal kits with well known plant based and non plant based chefs.


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