Duo Create Pop Culture & Horror Inspired Vegan Apparel

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The store  Goods and Evil run by Dan and Deborah Angeloni has a wide variety of pop culture and horror inspired shirts and other merchandise. Their unique shirts caught the attention of original Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein who often wears their “Meatless” t-shirt with the word done in the same style font with a cows head in place of the Misfits well known and iconic skull face.

That shirt among many others was designed by the Angelonis from their home in Tarentum Pennsylvania. When the punk rock guitarist first wore the vegan shirt in September of 2018 (sharing it on his social media) they saw a large spike in business. When he donned the vegan punk shirt that included his own modifications including cutting the sleeves off and a larger neck hole, it went viral yet again creating a huge increase in the couples sales on “Goods and Evil”.

“Every time he wears it we notice an increase in followers and sales,” Dan Angeloni says.

Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein from punk band The Misfits wears a vegan shirt emulating the bands style that says meatless

They estimate around 70% of the shirts and other merchandise they sell is for vegans and animal rights activists. They sell locally, at festivals all over the U.S. and of course online because they’ve found others who are in need of their own pop culture horror style wares.

“When we first became vegan, we noticed there were no vegan shirts that reflected our interests and style, no one was making things we wanted to wear.” Deborah Angeloni said

The duo graduated from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh together and then moved all over the country from Kansas City, to Denver and Los Angeles before returning to Pittsburgh back in 2002 where they launched Think Hard Design their first business venture that deals in marketing and design. The company creates packaging, graphics, websites, brochures for clients.

“We met before art school,” says Dan Angeloni. “I was studying architectural drafting, and Deborah was on a track for something in the medical field. Deborah convinced me to go to art school after seeing how much I loved the illustration side of architecture. She joined me soon after.”

While living in PA they kept going back to Los Angeles to both visit friends and continue to build their cool t-shirt collections. Things changed when they decided to take a class on screen printing and saw how easy it would be for them to make their own designs on shirts and hoodies. 

jurassic park vegan shirt crave more plants

Goods and Evil was soon up and running from their living room as ideas became t-shirts and other merchandise including posters, decals and hoodies.

They considered open an irl store but have had such good success with online sales especially with vegans they’ve kept their current set up of selling at festivals and online.

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