Victory! Romania Plans To Ends Live Transport As 228 Sheep Saved From Sinking Boat

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International animal rescue organization Four Paws has saved 228 sheep from the capsized and sinking vessel we previously reported on. The sheep are currently in quarantine 15 miles from Midia Novodari where Romanian veterinarians are caring for them during their quarantine period they told Vegan News.

The Four Paws non profit organization trained ARCA, an organization that saved the 228 sheep after a five day mission that included heavy negotiations for the rescue attempt that required cutting a hole in the Queen Hind’s haul, a dangerous and noxious smoke filled operation that risked the safety of both rescuers and the animals trapped within the boat.

FOUR PAWS veterinarian Dr. Ovidiu Rosu explained the extent the rescue team went through to access more survivors:

“We drilled two holes in the ship’s side to have better access to the animals. The situation is very difficult due to smoke and toxic fumes, but we managed to install a fan inside the ship, so we could at least enter the ship with face masks. It is a race against time. Of course, the health of the animals is getting worse and worse. They already have big breathing problems but every life count, that’s why we continue.”

Dr Martina Stephany, Director of the Farm Animals and Nutrition department at FOUR PAWS explains why the global animal welfare organization is demanding a complete investigation and clarification of this terrible incident

“Again and again, massive animal welfare problems occur during animal transport. Tragedies like these are a sign that animal welfare is simply not guaranteed during long-distance transports to third countries. In fact, European animal welfare standards must be guaranteed from the point of departure to the destination – even outside the EU. Although this is often not the case, the authorities approve illegal transports. If animal welfare rules are simply ignored, the EU must initiate infringement proceedings and urgently reconsider its transport regulations. Long-distance transports to third countries should be banned.”

Four Paws has been calling for a ban on live animal transport between EU and non EU countries for decades, sighting not only incidents like this, but cruel and inhospitable transport conditions and inhumane treatment of the animals.

Claire LaFrance spokesperson for Four Paws International exclusively told Vegan News:

“Romania promises to end live transport following last weeks tragic cargo ship incident! The Romanian government plans to suspend the transport of live animals to third countries. Instead, they will export meat only. The news came last night after FOUR PAWS joined other local and international organizations, including our partners ARCA / Letea Wild Horses, in Bucharest, Romania (at a peaceful) protest to ban the transport of live animals.”

As for the 228 survivors of this tragedy their fate still remains up in the air as Four Paws negotiates to have them transported to sanctuary’s where they can live out their lives in peace. We must keep pressure on the Romanian government by supporting Four Paws, reporting on this news and supporting the sure to come campaign to have these animals released to their forever homes.

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