Half Of Panera Breads Menu Will Be Vegan

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Panera Bread, a restaurant chain found throughout the United States has committed to making 50% of its menu plant-based by 2021.

Driven largely by concerns centered around the climate crisis and animal cruelty, the part bakery part cafe corporate giant already has about 25% of their menu meat-free and around 60% plant-based vegan if you customize the menu items. They want to have “plant-based innovation in every category” by 2021. 

Talking with Business Insider, Vice President of Wellness and Food Policy at Panera Sara Burnett said: 

“I think in an earlier phase than plant-based, but I think that that’s actually going to become a bigger motivation for consumers over time.”

Burnett added that consumers are far “more knowledgeable” about climate change and the crisis from it. 

Panera already donates its unsold baked goods at the end of each day and wants to find other ways they can create a positive ecological impact on the Earth.

“On the flip side, it’s actually about saying, okay, what do we fill our pantry with?” added Burnett. “What is the impact of these ingredients?”

“Our diet must change and we cannot continue to exploit the planet so unnecessarily,” Panera said on Facebook.

“There may be many other ways to reverse climate change – the fast-food industry growing food instead of meat for example, but let’s be honest here and make no mistake. What “mankind” is doing to the Amazon in order to feed beef to billions of greedy mouths is deplorable and though my business is not vegetarian or vegan I feel the responsibility not to sell beef as a statement, overwhelming.”

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