Impossible Foods Now Delivering Vegan Meats Straight To Your Door

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Impossible Foods is now shipping their plant-based vegan meat straight to your door thanks to the FDA relaxing certain rules recently.

Back in May Impossible Foods was hinting across their social media platforms that they would soon be selling their plant-based meats direct to consumers.

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The company launched their official online store on June 4th where you can now purchase the meat that has made waves in the meat industry for years now.

There are four different options available from the website when purchasing their plant-based ground “beef” and burger alternative.

The Impossible Convenience Pack contains four 12-ounce packages of the meat. 

Two 12-ounce packages and ten quarter-pound patties are available in the Impossible Combo Pack. 

The Impossible Family Pack has one five-pound package, and the Impossible Grilling Pack contains 20 quarter-pound patties. 

The prices in order are $49.99, $59.99, $64.99, and $69.99 plus your state tax.

While customers can now order Impossible Foods’ plant-based meats from the comfort of their own homes during these shelter in place times shipping will cost you extra outside of the lower 48 states where it’s free.

Back in April Impossible Foods announced that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) decided to ease up its labeling regulations due to the viral outbreak that has devastated the world.

The FDA’s relaxing of these rules finally allowed Impossible Foods to start selling their uncooked plant-based vegan meats directly to customers.

“We know the last few weeks of the COVID-19 health crisis have been unimaginably difficult for our partners, with many shifting to takeout and delivery. We’ve heard from many of you that during this time you’d like to sell Impossible directly to your guests to cook at home, and now you can,” the company said in a LinkedIn post.

“Due to the FDA’s flexibility, all operators are eligible to sell the Impossible™ Burger 5 lb bricks, 1/4 lb patties, or 1/3 lb patties to customers,” they added in the social media post.

All of this comes hot on the heels of Impossible Foods announcement earlier this year that they would be slashing prices on their products by 15 percent or more for the plant-based vegan meats provided to U.S. restaurants and other commercial food services like caterers and college cafeterias.

The discount, unfortunately, didn’t include grocery stores but Impossible Foods noted that the drop in prices was made to match meat prices (Pre-virus). 

“We are desperately eager to bring down our prices as fast as we possibly can. But we’re selling every pound we can make as fast as we can make it,” Impossible Foods CEO Pat Brown said during a press conference just last month.

“So there is plenty of demand from consumers at the current price. And, of course, as the price comes down, eventually it’s going to be game over for the animal ag industry.” Pat Brown added.

Both Beyond Meat and Impossible foods are making huge strides to bring down the cost of their meats to be in direct competition with the traditional flesh-based options. 

This is especially true amid the pandemic that has scared consumers off from animal products and created “meat” shortages due to sick slaughterhouse workers.

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