Animal Ag Dead By 2030, Lewis Hamilton, Greta Thunberg Drops The Ball, Global Climate Strike & More!

Use the time stamps below to jump to any story! 0:00-2:08 Animal rights activists pose rising threat to farmers https://www.fwi.co.uk/news/crime/animal-rights-activists-pose-rising-threat-to-farmers

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Vegan Stroke Risk, Vegan Family Bullied, German Meat Tax, First Vegan Grocery In Ireland, & More

Stories 0:00-3:41 Victory! France bans shows by ailing bear following abuse complaints https://fremonttribune.com/news/world/france-bans-shows-by-ailing-bear-following-abuse-complaints/article_bac799fe-4d7a-5e7d-a4fe-755cfa6efe94.html 3:41-5:14 Germany Eyes Meat Tax https://www.insider.com/germany-considering-meat-tax-fight-climate-change-2019-9 5:14-9:16

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