Silicon Valley Startup Raises $140 Million For Vegan Dairy Identical To Cows Milk

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The Oakland based Perfect Day just closed an investment round totaling $140 million dollars. Founded by Ryan Pandya and Perumal Gandhi both biomedical engineers that have already successfully created biologically identical vegan dairy.

Perfect Day is able to produce a variety of “flora based” products that are an exact copy of the same mammary fluid based products like cheese, milk, butter and ice cream. They create bovine mammary fluid proteins using a yeast based microflora they cultivate in the lab subverting the need to inflict cruelty on cows and their young.

Over the summer as a proof of concept the company made a 1,000 pint limited batch of their ice cream that was sold out in less than a day. 

“In 2019, we showed that our manufacturing process works robustly at commercial scale,” Pandya said. “We were able to demonstrate with our ice cream launch—which sold out in a single day—that flora-based protein delivers on the dairy experience, and that people are excited about what we’re doing. Our focus in 2020 will be manufacturing and commercializing the protein in multiple continents, through multiple partnerships spanning different dairy product categories.” 

Instead of putting their own products on store shelves Perfect Day is instead creating commercial partnerships that will be announced early next year. Their goal is to work with existing dairy industry companies and have them continue making traditional dairy based products while using their new vegan flora based dairy transforming the industry from the inside out.

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