Movie Review: Joaquin Phoenix’s The Animal People

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I tell you without hesitation that The Animal People is the most important documentary of 2019 without a doubt in my mind. It way very well be the most important film of the decade not only in animal rights but within anyone that thinks free speech is important for a just society.

The film highlights the literal trials and tribulations of SHAC Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty an animal rights organization dedicated to shutting down Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) a contractor of animal testing for various industries most often pharmaceutical.

We follow the story of SHAC and its founders/activists Lauren Gazzola, Kevin Kjonaas, Jake Conroy, Josh Harper, Andy Stepanian, and Darius Fullmer as they give HLS the hell they deserve.

The FBI, State Police, Local Police and an entire alphabet soup of government orgs and entities conspire to twist and subvert the truth. The story of SHAC and what happen to those in it that were placed on trial is both a warning message and a message of hope to stand against what we are still up against even today in the animal rights movement.

There’s so much I wish I could discuss that happens in the film but I don’t want to spoil it for you. It’s a must watch if you’re any kind of activist but especially an animal rights activist so go watch it right now.

You’ll cry, get rightfully angry and feel goosebumps through out as brave activists smash labs and rescue animals, get hurt by police and railroaded in the courts.

We all know the stakes at protests and direct actions but we never expected to have our 1st amendment rights dissolved so openly and boldly in a court of law. Watch it and learn.

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