Subway Launching Vegan Chicken Sandwich And Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Subway is launching a new vegan “chicken” sandwich on their menu just in time for Veganuary 2021.

An insider from the Instagram account Vegan Food UK who is well known for getting the first scoop on vegan food news posted about the new menu item just a few days ago and just hours ago they’ve also posted a sneak peek of the new chickn’.

The “Tastes Like Chicken” or TLC will be served at stores across the UK starting December 30th in time to coincide with Veganuary.

There will also be a new desert item added the vegan double chocolate chip cookie that was added for a limited time earlier this year.

Their first post featuring the TLC read:

“BREAKING: Subway to Launch Vegan Chickn Sub and Chocolate Cookie on 30th December 😲

The new #vegan Sub will be called the TLC – tastes like chicken and from the pic it looks like a roasted type of #plantbased chickn 🌱

The Chocolate Cookie has been on trial at select locations and looks like it’s going for the full roll-out for #Veganuary2020

Like the double chocolate chip cookie Subway also trialed the TLC earlier in the year this time at eight different Subway locations in Dubai and more to come across the UAE in the new year as the country becomes more and more vegan friendly.

The latest update on Instagram has Vegan Food UK showing insider pics of the new vegan “chicken” used in a wrap with other fresh ingredients like corn, peppers, spinach, and lettuce.

“We have pics of the new Vegan Chick’n Sub from @subway_ukireland 😍🌱

What you need to know now:

1. It’s not launched yet

2. Launching at the end of the year or for #Veganuary

3. These pics are what we are told from an anonymous staff member of Subway

4. The actual sub may look different to the one pictured on launch day as this must just be a practice go

5. We arent sure what #veganchicken they are using yet

6. There will reportedly be a #vegan chocolate cookie to accompany the new sub

7. Follow us @vegan_food_uk for all updates on new, festive and veganuary launches 💜”

If all goes well with the UK launch we might see a launch of the TLC in the US like they did with the Beyond Meat Ball sub that has been available at select US locations since spring of last year.

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