Father Of Three Back From Brink Of Death Opens Vegan Restaurant

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Married father of three young daughters 27 year old James McGee of DeSoto Texas is now 100 pounds lighter and off of the 22 medications he once took to stay alive each day. His liver and kidney issues three years after losing the weight are now gone and he’s in the best shape of his life.

Several years ago his daughter Captain (She’s the boss says James) now 4 years old was diagnosed with psoriasis, eczema, and multiple food allergies after he himself was told by his doctor he probably wouldn’t live another year if he kept up his then lifestyle.

After Morgan McGee (his wife) and James received their daughters diagnosis;

“we went home and got rid of everything,” he said. “We didn’t want her doing it by herself.”

Captain McGee, 4, helps her father slice mushrooms as James McGee, left, prepares a vegan pasta. 
(Photo Credit: Ben Torres Dallas News)

James and his wife opened up Peace Love & Eatz serving smoothies, juices, jackfruit tacos, mushroom burgers, grain bowls, and more. Everything can be made to order based on allergens and it’s all vegan. Hemp, jackfruit and many vegetables and fruits are the basis for the majority of their dishes the most popular of which called “The Tropical Dragon” is made from pitaya, mango, pineapple, coconut water and mango juice.

“We have an alternative for everything. Instead of cashew sauce, I can make a hemp sauce, or a nut-free hemp granola,” he says. “I just found out that some people are allergic to avocados, so I’m trying to figure out what to replace that with.” James says

The majority of their customers are not vegan but are looking for a healthier lifestyle.

“They are looking at their own health issues and trying to take that first step,” James says. The main questions he gets from customers are: What’s a vegan? How do we get our protein? How can we cook a full meal without meat? And lastly, how can we be black and vegan?

“In the black community there’s a lot of diabetes,” he says. “So a lot of people are starting to look at it, like, now I’ve got to do something. It’s sad that we are more reactive than proactive, but that comes from a long time of learning the wrong things. I want to be able to teach people about it at the same time.

“It’s one thing if I go up north [to the northern suburbs], people understand this stuff,” he adds, “but here I’ve got a bridge to do.” For those unfamiliar with plant-based eating, he’ll start them out with jackfruit sandwiches and fruit smoothies.

James is teaching entrepreneurial skills to children in his community and being an amazing example for everyone around him while spreading veganism Peace Love & Eatz.

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