Largest Slaughterhouse Record Holder Smithfield Foods Launches Vegan Meats

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On Monday August 12th Smithfield Foods Inc. launched their own line of soy based plant meats including; burgers, meatballs, sausages, and ground beef.

The new line called Pure Farmland will be carried by Kroger Co., Sprouts Farmers Market Inc. and Target Corp starting in September, John Pauley, Smithfield’s chief commercial officer, said in an interview.

Pauley also said that the product line will be available in over 5,000 retail locations starting in 2020.

Owned by China’s WH Group Ltd Smithfield “plans to branch out to the food services sector”, Pauley said, declining to provide further details.

Smithfield Foods was purchased by the Chinese holding company back in September of 2013 for 7.1 billion dollars and operates the largest pig slaughterhouse in the united states in Tar Heel North Carolina. 

This move to bring plant based meats to market is causing a controversy to say the least in the vegan community.

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Brandon Kirkwood

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