Rivers Of Urine Plague New Zealand In Recent New York Times Article

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The New York Times is reporting on the dairy industry in New Zealand and it’s a harsh look at reality for the country where “middle earth” was conjured up in the “Lord Of The Rings” films. In an article titled “The Incontinent Cows Of Middle Earth” a scathing piece is laid bare for the world to see about the pollution and ecological disaster caused by CAFO style “dairy’ operations covering the once beautiful countryside.

Dr. Mike Joy and David Larsen (Dr. Joy is a freshwater ecologist in New Zealand. Mr. Larsen is a New Zealand journalist.) authored this piece and detail at length the cycle of irrigation, fertilizers, and farming that allows nitrates to be passed into the soil but also into the cows where they expel more nitrates creating toxic waterways and soils.

We highly recommend reading through the entire fascinating look at this issue on a macro scale we don’t usually get such a peak at.

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