Opinion | New Oregon law mandates cage-free eggs by 2024 & It’s A Set Back Not A Victory DxE Proved It

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A bill signed into law by Oregon governor Kate Brown on Monday mandates that all manufacturers go “cage free” by 2024 and it’s not a victory in the least. It’s nothing but “green washing”, feel good, welfarist nonsense that’s more about making consumers feel good for exploiting hens and their children than helping them.

Visions of green pastures and beautiful lives dance from the packaging and adverts into the minds of consumers perpetuating the lie that there is a “humane” way to exploit someone. “Cage free” and other euphemistic language like “humane meat” ease the conscience but not the reality of a living hell for our fellow earthlings.

Cages of steel instead become cages of flesh and feces as birds crowd in an open air cage of pain. They die stuck in piles of feces or are torn apart by their brothers and sisters slowly. DxE has shown repeatedly these abuses and farms in Petaluma California and other facilities that “raise” eggs for whole foods and costco that are supposed to be the best examples of “cage free” and “humane” conditions.

DxE Shows the reality of “cage free” eggs

No this is not a victory in the least it is a set back! Going vegan not “cage free” is the answer.

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Brandon Kirkwood

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