Jon & Tracey Stewart Host “Game Changers” Screening Promoting Veganism

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Jon Stewart hosted a screening of the plant based documentary “The Game Changers” last week using the opportunity to promote the benefits of a plant based vegan diet.

Held at Monmouth University in New Jersey, the screening held a panel discussion afterwards featuring Jon & Tracey Stewart, The film’s writers and producers James Wilks and Joseph Pace, cardiologist Dr. Robert Ostfeld, and triathlete Rip Esselstyn.

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“I don’t know if you see the healthy glow of my skin, but it wasn’t always this way,” Stewart joked with reporters before the screening. “I was ashen and bloated. I smoked a lot. I did not live properly. But I’ve been turned around by broccoli.”

After the screening, Stewart told viewers: 

“As you get older and become more aware of the world and your body, it just makes sense to be informed and smart, and what you put into your body should be no different. You should be as informed and well versed in what is positive and what is negative, and that journey has led us to this.”

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