Wu-Tang’s The RZA Tells Joe Rogan: “No Animal Needs To Die For Me To Live”

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Wu-Tang forever vegan? The RZA one of Wu-Tang’s founding members was recently on the JRE Joe Rogan Experience and was direct about his veganism and views when the topic came up saying:

“To be honest with you, bro, I just hit you with this right here, the reality of how I feel: No animal needs to die for me to live, okay?”

The RZA became vegan in the 1990’s after biting into a chicken wing and having a revelation that he was eating a body part from a dead bird.

Rogan is well known for his anti-vegan rants and constant critical discussions on the topic of veganism often coming up on his podcast including with guests  including Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn who came on to debate the benefits of a plant based diet against Chris Kresser author of “The Paleo Cure”.

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