Victory! Paris Bans Circus Animals

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By 2022 all circuses will be banned from using wild animals for entertainment in their shows in the city. The Council of Paris passed the resolution this month unanimously. Despite the fact that authorities stopped issuing licenses in 2017 there are still three circuses with valid licenses that this new ban will put an end to. The council is providing financial assisting to help them safely retire their current performing animals.

This decision comes only a few days after Mischa a bear performing through out France we’ve reported on previously dying from her deplorable conditions. He died at La Taniere a sanctuary in Paris activists worked tirelessly to get her into for years as they protested the conditions her and other bears were being kept in.

The founder of La Taniere Patrick Violas said after Mischa’s death:

“This needs to serve as a lesson. His death should not be for nothing.”

Elephants, tigers, lions, and bears used in circus acts are trained using fear and abuse. They are carted long distances year round in claustrophobic confinement in a completely unnatural environment that is more than alien to them. Their physical and mental health suffers immensely under these grueling conditions.

Many countries through out the European Union have banned wild animal from being used as entertainment including Italy and the UK.

Pénélope Komitès, the deputy mayor of Paris said in a statement:

“This is a logical decision that reflects the changing times. We’ve been discussing the options with all relevant parties”. 

She added. “We will help the circus workers during the three year transition period.”

Madrid the capital city of Spain passed a similar resolution back in March of this year thanks to The City Council of Madrid doing the right thing citing animal welfare as a primary concern. City Councilman Ignacio De Benito said after the bills passing:

“We don’t want this law to be interpreted as an attack on circuses. Circus history is part of cultural heritage, but in the 21st century we should never hide the suffering of any living being; human or animal behind laughter.”

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