LA & NYC Banning Big Meat Corporations To Save The Amazon

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Councils in Los Angeles and New York City are demanding that businesses stop working with companies that are causing or contributing to the Amazon rainforests burning. 

This summer the 41,000 recorded separate fires could be seen from space as the grew larger than ever. Public outcry has been swift in the face of us rapidly losing the so called “lungs of the earth”. Farmers set fire to large swatches of forest to clear land so that their herds of cattle can graze in what are essentially open air rural CAFO lots.

Both wild animals and native peoples who depend on the rainforests for food and shelter have been devastated but even more devastating are the losses of these ancient forests that suck up carbon dioxide and expel oxygen helping in the fight against the climate crisis.

NYC council members Costa Constantinides and Justin Brannan are co-sponsors of the new resolution that includes Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.

LA council members Paul Koretz and David Ryu have put a similar resolution forward on the west coast.

“We are facing a climate emergency, We can’t continue business as usual while the planet burns. Today we urge both city agencies and local businesses to cut ties with any company linked to the multinational corporations responsible for the fires still raging throughout the Amazon rainforest. Each individual consumer choice, each corporate decision, and each specific legislative policy must be geared toward making our planet more sustainable and habitable for generations to come,” Borough President Eric Adams said in a statement 

Los Angeles and New York City are the largest cities in the U.S. and council member from both want to lead the way towards a better future. There’s no better way to do that than to lead by example. They also want their constituents to cut back on the amount of animal products they eat with Adams (who is vegan) saying:

“What we eat matters, who we do business with matters. This resolution is a first step in opening a broader conversation about how we overcome one of the most significant challenges humanity has ever faced.”

These two cities often set the rules, regulations and morality far ahead of the other 35,000 cities across the United States ushering in unheard of resolutions and bills many think impossible at the time that later become the standard everywhere.

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