Fords New Electric Mustang Is Vegan

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For many in the cult of the mustang this new all electric SUV thoroughbred will never be a “true mustang” but they’d be way off the mark in underestimating what this pony can dish out.

Just like its fossil fueling sibling this mustang has torque, speed, and performance all packaged in an ecofriendly manufacturing process that avoids the use of animal products in anyway including body hugging bolstered race style seats wrapped in vegan leather. 

From the traditional colt shaped badging to the tri chambered taillights the Mach-E Mustang makes sure you know what it is. 

The interior is a combination of a tesla with the center mounted touch screen and classic mustang double brow dashboard that flows more subtly than it’s predecessors highly sculptured curves. In fact Ford interior designer Josh Greiner had this to say:

“We wanted to make it more of a nod,” explained Greiner, “a subtle nod.” By not being as aggressive, and by reducing the number of physical control switches and knobs he said they kept the overall look cleaner.

All trim levels of the Mach-E will all be vegan. “We wanted it to be an animal free product,” said Brittany Moss a color and materials designer at Ford.

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Brandon Kirkwood

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