Coca-Cola Worlds Largest Plastic Polluter Two Years Straight

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Nonprofit organization Break Free From Plastic has once again named the soft drink giant Coca-Cola as its number one plastic waste polluter. 

72,541 volunteers from Break Free from 51 countries around the world in September of 2019 collected plastic waste from beaches, road sides, parks and other areas finding that 43 percent of all plastic collected came from Coca-Cola in 37 countries with nearly 12,000 Coke products found.

In the United States Nestle ranked as the number one plastic polluter during collection while the Solo Cup company came in at number 2 and Starbucks was number 3.

“Any time our packaging ends up in our oceans – or anywhere that it doesn’t belong – is unacceptable to us,” Coca-Cola said in a statement to the Intercept. “In partnership with others, we are working to address this critical global issue, both to help turn off the tap in terms of plastic waste entering our oceans and to help clean up the existing pollution.”

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