Is A “Vegan” REALLY Suing Burger King? Opinion

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Not to go all conspiracy illuminati on you but doesn’t something feel off about this Burger King Impossible Whopper lawsuit filed by Phillip Williams?

I wanted to do a story on the lawsuit when TMZ first broke it but it didn’t sit right so I figured I’d give it time to get picked up by other outlets hoping to see more info come out but that hasn’t happened.

Not one article has linked to the court documents which can be found here so you can read through them if you like.

If there’s one thing we vegans all know it’s that we do our do diligence about what we eat looking into every aspect of where it comes from, what it’s made of, who owns the company and definitely how it’s cooked especially when eating out at a non vegan establishment!

Whether you are for or against the Impossible burger depending on your position on the animal testing we can all agree that both sides have done their research because us vegans survive in a pre vegan world where we are used to checking everything we buy.

1. One of three things is going on with this class-action lawsuit: A non vegan is trying to make money. The plaintiff in the case Phillip Williams purchased his Impossible Whopper near his home in the Atlanta, Georgia area. There is also a registered lawyer named Philip Williams in that are who appears to have litigation suits in the past similar to this one. Since the plaintiff was knowledgeable enough to hire a law firm in Florida to file suit agains Burger King where their headquarters is does that mean he is that lawyer? Possibly but no contact info is available for the lawyer just and address.

2. Animal Agriculture is using someone to file this lawsuit to disrupt the incredible progress the plant based market is making as their industry is dying.

3. A new vegan just didn’t know any better to check.

I just have a gut feeling that something about this isn’t right, it doesn’t sit well and that feeling never fails me unless I just ignore it and do the opposite.

What do you think about this whole lawsuit?

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Brandon Kirkwood

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