Activists Paint Giant Street Mural In Front Of City Hall

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Activists from the group Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) painted a large mural (using water soluble paint) in protest for the 46 million turkeys being killed for thanksgiving and for Roses Law an initiative to get an animal bill of rights passed into law.

“Today we marched for the 46 million turkeys who will be killed and eaten this Thanksgiving. We then stood on the steps of Berkeley City Hall, painted a mural, and asked our city officials to support the #RighttoRescue.” Said DxE activist Rachel Ziegler

The right to rescue is currently being considered by the Berkeley city council and is the greatest campaign DxE has. The scope of the right to rescue is global but the organization pushes it particularly hard in California where they argue that under California state law they have the right to rescue sick and dying animals (we agree).

“The Roses Law Animal Bill Of Rights” are as follows:The right to be free – not owned – or to have a guardian acting in their best interest.

-The right to not be exploited, abused, or killed by humans.

-The right to have their interests represented in court and protected by the law.

-The right to a protected home, habitat, or ecosystem.

-The right to be rescued from situations of distress and exploitation.

You can find more info about Roses Law and the Animal Bill Of Rights here on their website.

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