Vegan Wins Bodybuilding World Championship

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Massimo Brunaccioni won the Natural World Bodybuilding Championship in New York. The Nutrition coach and personal trainer earned the title “Men’s Physique World Chapion WNBF 2019. Natural body builders use no performance enhancing drugs of any kind including steroids and other substances like HGH normally used in the sport. 

He was overwhelmed by the victory saying “Beyond the enormous personal satisfaction, I believe this victory is another brick laid for the construction of a better world where peace can finally be sealed between men and animals, starting from a healthy diet that respects all creatures and the planet.”

Vegan since 2012 he’s a true vegan speaking out for the animals not just on a plant based diet.

“All those who have decided to stop eating animals can, from today, do it with even more serenity and security and with the certainty that their path of peace and non-violence is truly possible and desirable, for their own health, for animals, and of all humanity.” he said.

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Brandon Kirkwood

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