Vegan Dairy Sales 3 Times Bigger Than Dairy In 2019

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At Whole Foods in the UK 2019 has been a great year for plant based milk alternatives. Whole Foods UK recently researched their year totals and found that consumers in the country were changing their tastes and attitude towards vegan milk and dairy. In fact they found that 17 percent have already tried vegan cheeses and that women were far more likely than men to try it at a whopping 39 percent giving it a try.

Millennials were not surprisingly the number one age group open to trying the alternatives with nearly a quarter of that generation saying they have tried them at some point already.

“With World Vegan Month and Christmas on the horizon, we’re always excited to see consumers pushing the boundaries and trying new things,” Miguel Uribe Grocery Buyer at Whole Foods Market said

“It’s no surprise to see that UK consumers are still favoring the classic cheese, but it’s exciting to see that over a third of the nation are open to trying vegan cheese. Sales of dairy-free cheese at Whole Foods Market are flourishing, as a category our non-dairy sales this year were three times bigger than our dairy sales which is a first.”

“Our research showed that more of us than ever will be catering for someone with a dietary requirements or preferences this Christmas, we know it can feel daunting catering for special diets, so we’re pleased to offer something for everyone here at Whole Foods Market.”

This trend in the UK is right in line with the uptick and acceptance of vegan plant based alternatives seen in many western nations including Australia, Canada and the United States.

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