25 Amazing Vegan Holiday Gifts For 2019

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A simple guide for Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanza, Festivus, Birthdays, or any gift giving holiday or occasion for the vegan in your life.

1. Vegan Flag

Created by Gad Hakimi on June 9th 2017, it’s been to the top of Everest and at the forefront of massive protests. Any vegan would be proud to fly this international symbol of compassion and change.

2. A Vegan Comic Book

“Murder” written and drawn by vegan artist Matt Loisel is now on its second issue and is a work of passion for the animals. The comic follows a superhero that can understand and speak with animals. Seeing and hearing the animals points of view is a refreshing change of pace that many will love.

3. Merch From Their Favorite Sanctuary

Every vegan has a favorite go-to sanctuary for giving donations, volunteering, or for just visiting in order to recharge from the angst of living in a non-vegan society. From Gene Baur’s Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen New York to Danzigs Roost in Colorado and so many more in between, there is sure to be a sanctuary near you to support with a purchase. Plus, the vegan in your life will be elated that you supported them on their behalf!

4. A Custom Pair Of Vegan Vans or Converse Shoes

Gift cards can be a lame last-minute purchase, but not this time. Both the Vans online store and the Converse online store allow you to use your own images and creativity to create an animal rights statement on your feet! Get them a gift card at either and tell them to make their own dream pair of vegan shoes.

5. Transitioning to a Vegan Diet: (Without Giving Up Your Favorite Foods)

Have a new vegan you’re buying for? This book can help them with their new-found lifestyle without having to eat grass and twigs.

6. A Sustainable Necklace That Helps Support Indigenous People

Ten Thousand Villages is an amazing organization that sells hand made sustainable goods made by locals in developing nations. Purchases like this “Tagua Tree Necklace” helps these people to live above poverty and live drastically enriched lives they otherwise couldn’t have.

7. Bambaw Vegan Razor

Yes, most razors aren’t vegan as the glide strips are made from gelatin, animal fats, or lanolin which is an oil from sheep. Adding to that, the very non-recyclable nature of modern razors and it’s all around terrible for the planet. Fortunately there is an inexpensive, vegan, and environmentally friendly solution; the Bambaw Safety Razor. You may have seen them in old movies or antique stores even. These razors cost pennies a month and the blades are easily recycled or even sharpened again and again to prolong their use.

8. Liberation Bracelet

The Liberation Pledge is the cornerstone of many vegans lives and with it comes the fork bracelet. The fork bracelet, aka Liberation Bracelet, is a piece of jewelry made from a fork that both reminds the person wearing it of their commitment and also starts conversations about veganism. Check out these amazing ones that have been turned into elephants, hearts, fish, and even a pig. Of course they carry the more traditional bracelets too.

9. Vegan Cheese Making Kit

Nothing is better than a delicious vegan cheese except when you get the satisfaction of making it yourself. This kit will walk you through each and every step with all the tools you need to make your own vegan cheeses.

10. Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

Fresh mushrooms for vegan cheesesteaks? Tacos? Burgers? Yes please! Give them a gift that will keep on giving as it grows and grows new mushrooms.

11. Vystopia: The anguish of being vegan in a non-vegan world

It can feel awfully lonely being a vegan especially if you live in more rural areas. This book says what we all think and reassures us that this is an issue all vegans grapple with.

12. Primal Vegan Jerky

Teriyaki, Mesquite Lime, Hot & Spicy/Sweet & Savory, Hickory Smoked, Thai Peanut, and Texas BBQ all come in this 24 pack selection of meaty deliciousness.

13. Sea Salt Caramels

A sugary vegan treat straight from Etsy! Made by a fellow vegan so you know your money is going to a good place. 

14. Air Fryer

No vegan kitchen is complete these days without an air fryer. This magical kitchen appliance fries and cooks your foods with no added oil in a fraction of the time a conventional oven would. https://amzn.to/2qjQvTu

15. Veggie Socks

Socks are an everyday necessity if you don’t want your shoes to stink so why not spice them up with these? Fruit and veggie novelty socks will be a sure hit for any vegan on your list.

16. Nooch Vegan Wall Art

Tired of pre-vegans always wondering what nooch is? Hang this clever wall art in your office, home, or dorm room and when you’re throwing around the vegan slang for nutritional yeast they won’t have to feel left out.

17. Recycled Messenger Bag

These messenger bags from Australia can be customized to have any patches you like and all of the fabric and other materials are recycled. Many different social justice causes are represented in their selections.

18. Tofu Press

A fundamental kitchen tool every vegan needs in their arsenal. It makes draining out your block of tofu far easier than the heavy books and paper towel method of the vegan stone ages.

19. Instant Pot

This six-in-one kitchen appliance is a slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, food warmer, sauteer, and pressure cooker – helping to eliminate and entire countertop worth of gadgets!

20. Pop Art Vegan Purses

Know a vegan who has a funky style? Andy Warhol fan? Boy does Grape Cat have you covered!

21. Hypocrite Shirt

The shirt says it all; if you love animals you don’t eat them.

22. Lush Massage Bar

Heat things up this winter with a vegan massage bar from Lush, a company known for its large variety of vegan cruelty-free products. They have many massage bars to choose from including this seasonal snowflake bar.

23. Animal Rights Activist Stickers

Vegan animal rights activists love stickers, for both activism and for decorating our computers, water bottles and just about anything else we use! A wide variety of these stickers are available on Etsy.

24. Hand Embroidered Farm Animal Ornaments

These hand embroidered ornaments make the perfect gift for the animal activist in your life and will be handed down generation after generation into the vegan future.

25. Vegan Necklace

“Until every cage is empty” is our goal and this beautiful handmade necklace is both a conversation piece and a reminder of that day we are working toward.

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