Victory! Canada Permanently Shuts Down 3 Slaughterhouses

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Following an E. coli outbreak three major slaughterhouses have been closed down in Toronto by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

The Beef Boutique Inc., Ryding Regency Meat Packers, and Canadian Select Meats Inc. had their licenses terminated over reportedly giving “false or misleading information” to investigators looking into the recent E. Coli outbreak and the resulting lab results.

Grocery stores across the region removed over a 1,000 veal and “beef” items from shelves at Woodland, Walmart, and Whole Foods. Walmart especially didn’t need this bad press as a recent study showed a large majority of their meats contained antibiotic resistant superbugs.

19,000 “beef” farmers represented by the BFO (Beef Farmers of Ontario) said in a public statement:

“This is a major blow for the beef sector in Ontario.”

The Animal Save Movement is especially happy about Ryding Regency closing as they had investigated the slaughterhouse finding and exposing “horrific violations of animal cruelty”. Their hidden camera investigation was shown to a veterinarian who told  The Star:

“I was horrified to see fully conscious, alert cows writhing and flailing in agony as the blood drained from their slit throats.”

We have to celebrate and savor every victory no matter how it is gained because it helps keep a spotlight on these issues and most importantly on the victims.

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Brandon Kirkwood

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