VR On Trial: Vegan Animal Rights Group Wants To Strap Jurors Into The Animals POV

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In a recent Wired Magazine article DxE (Direct Action Everywhere) gets an incredible interview that starts with an action packed infiltration of a factory farm.

The article (which we highly recommend reading) goes deep into the world that Wayne Hsiung, Priya Sawnhey, Paul Darwin Picklemeiser, Matt Johnson, Cassie King and countless others have worked and continue to work hard at making a reality.

Speaking from first hand experience DxE’s VR animal investigations are so powerful you’d swear you could smell the urine and feces as you hear the thousands of screams echoing in the endless chambers of horror the industry calls barns. But unlike the neglected animals you are seeing and hearing as if you are really there you are safe behind a headset.

It’s no surprise then with all the felony charges the leaders of DxE have accrued including Wayne himself (who currently sits at double digit felonies) want to have jury trials for their cases where they can show jurors what these animals actually go through and why these activists are doing what they’re doing use the technology and situational presence of VR.

This ingenious and powerful tool is the latest in the animal rights communities arsenal. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter have been instrumental in changing generations of people (including this writer) from meat eating, hunting, animal farming, and fishing, to having the truth streamed into their hearts in crisp and all too clear High Definition video.

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Brandon Kirkwood

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