Brave Animal Rights Activists Lockdown Pig Breeding Farm

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Brave activists from DxE (Direct Action Everywhere) were arrested just outside of Montreal on Saturday to get Ontario legislators to listen and to show the horrors these poor pigs live through every second of the day.

“Police here. We’re insisting media be allowed inside. We’re sitting with the pigs,” wrote veteran activist Jenny McQueen in the caption of a livestreamed video from the facility.

The livestreams show the grim reality hidden bellow the supermarket veneer of cartoon pig logos and happy hens. The videos show the cramped tiny cages, filth, being kept from their babies, and fighting for food.

“I’m honestly just numb right now… what I witnessed in this ‘family farm’ in Quebec was the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life, it was like stepping into hell,” wrote DXE member Niño Bonito of the experience.

“Pigs live covered in their own shit, crushing their babies to death, dead bodies scattered around, huge growth defects, blood, torture, living in small cages with no room to turn their whole lives,” Bonito continued in the caption of a photo album from the event.

“Mothers having to piss on their own babies, pigs fattened up to the point where they can’t stand, pigs pilled up on top of each other covered in shit, everything that is so wrong. All because people like ‘bacon,’ it’s pathetic.”

12 police officers arrested 11 of the activists and charged them with breaking and entering. Court dates set for January 27th 2020.

“These are the conditions inside the ‘farm’ in Montreal,” McQueen wrote in the caption of yet another disturbing clip. “We should be arresting the ‘farmer’ for this. Not me or the other brave activists.”

DXE’s primary demand is that the Quebec Premier Francois Legault meets with them to discuss these animal rights atrocities.

There is also a petition calling on the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to:

“Grant non-human animals the right to be rescued from situations of abuse.”

This is all taking place in the shadow of the Ontario government passing their own ag-gag law that will further penalize animal rights activists and other whistle blowers recording the abuses inside of these facilities.

“Decades of work in the animal welfare movement have provided little relief for animals. In fact, thanks to new industrialized methods, the number of animals suffering from human tyranny is greater than ever,” reads an excerpt from the Rose’s Law campaign website.

“Asking for reforms and improvement in treatment isn’t enough. Animals need legal protections. Animals need inalienable rights. Animals need a Bill of Rights.”

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