Game Of Thrones Star Jerome Flynn Speaks Out For Animals

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Jerome Flynn who played Bronn in HBO’s Game Of Thrones is an outspoken animal rights advocate as he’s demonstrated once again. This time he has teamed up with the “Pigs In Chains” campaign.

Flynn crouched on all fours in a steel cage that approximates the size of cages and gestation crates pigs are trapped in for a lifetime of suffering.

The actor is asking people to sign a letter asking grocery stores Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Greggs, and pizza giant Domino’s to only use “high welfare pork”.

“Factory farming is one of the most horrific examples of how far we have strayed from our hearts,” said Flynn in a statement. “In the relentless drive for profit.”

“We call on all our major retailers to do the right thing,” he added. “And lead the way by ceasing to trade in any meat that isn’t high welfare.”

Farms Not Factories put the demonstration together as well as the letter that not only targets welfare but also the intensive farming practice permitted by the “Red Tractor” labeling campaign.

The “Red Tractor” labelling campaign is a UK version of the “Certified Humane” labeling seen in the U.S. at retailers like Whole foods who are notorious for “humane washing” to trick consumers so they can defraud them for higher profits.

Red Tractor came under heavy scrutiny earlier in 2019 when an undercover campaign and documentary called “Hogwood: A Modern Horror Story” was released. Flynn himself starred in the film that showed the supposedly humane conditions that were anything but. 

“After seeing the horrendous conditions and animal abuse that is happening behind Hogwood’s walls, I had to do something,” said Flynn  “The pigs of Hogwood aren’t just meat products, they are sensitive, emotionally aware beings just like us and they deserve better than this.”

Many of Jerome Flynns costars on Game of Thrones are vegan animal rights activist too including Maisie Williams, Nathalie Emmanuel, Lena Heady, and most famously Peter Dinklage who has narrated and appeared in many PETA campaigns over the years.

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