Moby Just Got A Vegan Face Tattoo

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Moby who has been on a bit of a vegan tattoo binge lately just revealed a vegan face tattoo and it’s amazing.

He revealed it on Instagram with an explanation of why he got the V and X on his face.

“All dressed up for the @idaorg gala. Oh, and I’ve been asked about the VX by my eye; V is for vegan, X is for straight edge. Straight edge because I simply can’t be a good activist if i’m lying in bed sick & hungover until 5pm every day..and of course vegan because i care about animals, human health, climate change, rainforest deforestation, workers rights, water use, famine, and all of the other horrifying things that are the result of using animals for food.” He posted

His other recent tattoo featuring “Animal Rights” in large block lettering down his arms was a celebration of his 32 year vegan anniversary and done by fellow vegan celebrity artist Kat Von D.

“As November is my 32-year vegan anniversary, I thought I’d get a tattoo (well, technically 12 tattoos) to celebrate, I’m a vegan animal rights activist for many reasons, but ultimately because I believe at the core of my being that every animal has the right to live their own life, according to their own will.”

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