Cory Booker Just Proposed A Bill To Shutdown Factory Farming

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The Democratic presidential candidate and New Jersey Senator has put forth the Farm System Reform Act (FSRA) a new bill that would take animal agriculture into a transition away from factory farming.

The FSRA out right bans new, and limits existing Confined Animal Feeding Operations AKA CAFO’s for meat and dairy. The bill schedules an end to the largest CAFO’s as determined by the EPA by 2040. It also looks to hold large meatpackers responsible for the pollution they create.

Booker hopes that with this new bill small farmers will be less exploited by corporations they are often legally bound to.

“Large factory farms are harmful to rural communities, public health, and the environment and we must immediately begin to transition to a more sustainable and humane system, such as raising pasture-based livestock, growing specialty crops, or organic commodity production.”

CAFO owners will not be left high and dry though as over $100 billion would be set aside over a 10 year period to help them transition to less harmful forms of agriculture.

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