Victory! Indonesian Province Bans Dog Meat

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The governor of Central Java Ganjar Pranowo announced after meeting with animal rights activists a ban in his province that will upset many in a country with a booming dog meat market.

International pressure has been mounting for sometime now on Indonesia to end the dog meat trade in their country and this victory is a major one. Prawano met with Dog Meat Free Indonesia and agreed to the meat ban says The Jakarta Post.

While a law was introduced in 2012 that made dogs an illegitimate food source and the law clearly prohibits the killing and sale of dog meat not much has been done to stop those breaking the law.

It’s estimated by Dog Meat Free Indonesia that over 13,000 dogs are killed each month in Surakarta, Central Java.

Only a small percentage of Indonesians consume dog meat and generally public opinion has shifted against the industry throughout most parts of the the country especially among the newer generations. Even so it’s still a large industry that has yet to be ended.

Ellen DeGeneres, Cameron Diaz, and Ricky Gervais signed a letter telling Indonesia that they would be internationally celebrated if they ended their dog meat industry.

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