Victory! ALDF Ends Killing Contests In Massachusetts

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For some inflicting pain and horror on the most innocent is a “game” but to most of us it’s a disgrace to even be part of the same species. In these “Killing Contests” they make light of what amounts to a bloodsport by competing for cash and prizes that are awarded for killing the smallest, or largest, or the largest number of animals.

The justification given by the perpetrators of these contests is that they are reducing “pest” populations as part of a public good. In actuality there is zero scientific evidence to support those claims and actual science shows that killing target populations likely increases their numbers.

The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife (MassWildlife) and the Fisheries and Wildlife Board as of December 2019 have banned these so called killing contests for: bobcats, coyotes, red foxes, gray foxes, mink, weasels, river otters, beavers, muskrats, raccoons, fishers, and opossum’s.

Massachusetts now finds itself part of the list of compassionate states that limit or prohibit killing contests including: California, Arizona, Vermont, and New Mexico. Coyote killing contests were ended in Vermont in 2018 and in New Mexico in 2019. 

The ALDF made this victory happen through educating and rallying residents of Massachusetts and continues to do so in other states across the nation. They are working hard to enact laws ending these barbaric events that have no place in our modern society.

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Brandon Kirkwood

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