Vegan Fast Food Burgers Saving 250,000 Animals A Year

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Animal welfare group World Animal Protection has released new research detailing the amount of animals saved in 2019. The Impossible Foods Impossible Burger being available at 18 different fast food restaurants including nationwide at Burger King with the Impossible Whooper and Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger being available at another nine fast food chains including Hardee’s / Carl’s Jr. where you can get Beyond Meat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Ben Williamson the groups U.S. programs director and lead author of the research estimated around 140,000 pigs and 110,000 cows per year are being spared. Those numbers are based on estimated sales of the plant based burgers.

Using surveys and speculative information the group says the information points to those who would’ve purchased flesh products are instead opting for the plant based vegan meat alternatives like the Beyond Sausage biscuits just launched at over 9,000 Dunkin’ Donuts locations in the U.S.

250,000 is a big number but it pales in comparison to the heavy numbers like the 120 million pigs and 30 million cows murdered every year in the U.S. for “food” in grocery stores and restaurants. World Animal Protection wants everyone to realize that each plant based burger consumed is a life spared misery and anguish on factory farms or CAFO’s.

In 2020 Williamson projects that the number of animals saved will increase as more and more plant based options continue to appear across the nation in grocery stores and restaurants. With Beyond Meat launching a new version of their Beyond Chicken in the new year the impact is sure to be huge for chickens who are killed in even higher numbers than cows or pigs. 

About 9 billion chickens are killed for their flesh in the U.S. while around 305 million hens die nationally for eggs. With the new meat alternatives and JUST egg getting cheaper we are going to change those numbers. The future is vegan and we are all making sure of it.

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