Veganuary 2020 Going For A Record

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Every January Veganuary challenges pre-vegans to give a plant based vegan diet a chance for 30 days. Last year the website received a record breaking 250,310 people who registered and in this new year they are hoping for another record breaking year!

Joaquin Phoenix, Mayim Bialik, Alicia Silverstone, and Evanna Lynch have been featured in this years Veganuary launch video and they’re shooting for 350,000 registrations.

“If you look at the climate crisis or the violence of our food system and feel helpless, thinking ‘I wish there was something I could do’, you can. Right now. Sign up to try vegan this January,” Phoenix said.

“Do you have a sense that you’d like to switch to a healthier, cleaner, kinder diet, but need more information?” Bialik added.

“Ask questions, try things, do research, and make decisions based on facts, but don’t discount your feelings either. Veganuary is a great place to start exploring!”

This year Veganuary has also created a crowdfunding campaign to help them reach the UK television mainstream with an advertisement.

“We all know the power of TV advertising to capture people’s attention and influence their behavior, so getting the first pro-vegan ad on TV will be a major milestone for our movement,” Toni Vernelli, Head of Communications at Veganuary, said

“Our crowdfunding campaign gives everyone a chance to play a part in making it happen. Thanks to the Big Give every pound donated will have double the impact, but we only have a week to raise the £40,000 needed to get this bold, fresh, and compelling ad in front of millions of people and inspire them to try vegan this January and beyond. Your support could help make history.”

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