Cute Shelter Cat Escapes Constantly By Opening Doors For Himself & Other Cats Too

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A six year old grey tabby named Quilty has earned the moniker of “door ninja” at the Friends For Life Animal Rescue shelter in Houston Texas.

His antics have gone viral on the shelters Facebook page being shared over 18,000 times and has even spawned Quilty his own instagram page with over 45,000 followers who await more cute overload. He even made it on the Daily Show!

“Quilty will not be contained,” they wrote.

The feline Houdini showed staff he is able to open the doors to his room but also the doors that keep his friends caged. He’s taken to liberating all he can but they’ve wised up to his abilities and have found ways to thwart further escape attempts.

The latest update from Friends For Life says Quilty might have found his furever home thanks to his new found fame.

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NEW QUILTY UPDATE from his sleepover!! 😻 . “Hi there! Just popping in with another Quilty update! He has really taken over the role of King of the house. He loves to be held like a baby and have his tummy rubbed and looks down on his human minions to do his bidding. He has us all wrapped around his paws for sure! Anytime he is ignored, he just starts meow-ing REALLY loudly and then Bam, he is being loved on and spoiled. His smallest human minion loves to feed him cat treatos, so he definitely has us all doing his bidding and goes to whomever he thinks will give him the most pets or treats. He still sleeps under the covers with me though. All is going well, I will update again tomorrow 😁” . . . #freeQuilty #NoMoreDoors #QuiltyNotGuilty

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