Move Over Nooch! Scientists Discover Source Of Plant Based B12

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Scientists at Parabel in the U.S. have discovered a plant-based source for the all-important vitamin B12. Contained in water lentils also known as duckweed, it provides around 750% of the daily recommended dietary amount under U.S. guidelines.

Parabel is calling the resulting product LENTEIN® and it contains adenosylcobalamin, methylcobalamin, and hydroxocobalamin which are the natural bioactive forms of Vitamin B12.

This is a major breakthrough especially for us vegans as there really aren’t many plant-based forms of B12. In fact, most are synthetic which Parabel says is a big concern for all the health-conscious consumers obsessing over every detail of their diets.

Parabel will continue analyzing and testing the duckweed’s B-12 properties while duckweed enthusiasts are claiming that this far underused protein plant-rich plant that is a really sustainable food product.

Dr. Matthew Van Ert, Parabel’s Chief Scientific Officer, said:

“Parabel’s hydroponic systems represent a scalable and potentially revolutionary platform to produce highly nutritious plant foods that contain bioactive vitamin B12 forms. Along with partners, we will begin conducting bioavailability studies to determine the effectiveness of water lentils as a natural, plant-based solution to address vitamin B12 deficiencies.”

In addition to the natural vitamin B12, the water lentil has been called the “world’s most complete food source” as a result of the high levels of vitamins, minerals, and quality protein from the plant itself.

The water lentil is an incredible crop that can double its biomass in just a matter of a few days. High yields are a very real possibility especially when done at a scalable mass production rate. With the explosion of the plant-based movement, they are sure to be successful.

For an in depth dive on this topic we highly recommend Mic. The Vegan’s video on this discovery.

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