Impossible Foods Unveils Impossible Sausage @ CES Las Vegas 2020

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You are hearing it here first on Vegan News! Impossible Foods will be revealing Impossible Sausage and their new vegan plant-based ground pork at CES 2020 in Las Vegas according to an insider and some press goofs.

They’ve been teasing us with a “big announcement” coming this year (as has Beyond Meat) and now we know what is going to be unveiled! 

The impossible Sausage patty will be trialed in the U.S. with Burger King in their breakfast sandwich: The Impossible Croissan’wich. 

The move to trial the product and Burger King makes a lot of sense since they did so well with the Impossible Burger last year going nationwide at all 7,000 plus BK locations after a short trial that sold out in days.

The plant-based vegan ground pork product is likely to be launched in Asia first as it will be a big deal overseas as “pork” is one of the most popular meats there used in a variety of foods from dumplings to stir-fries. 

We will be eagerly awaiting the press conference for more details soon.

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