Domino’s Testing Vegan Options In The U.S.

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Finally, the U.S. may be getting many of the UK vegan options we are always drooling over. US CEO Richard Allison said the company was internally testing plant-based vegan options internally.

He wouldn’t divulge any launch dates or progress of the testing so far but did go on to explain that the possible vegan edition to their menu would be keeping in line with the times and offering what their competitors are starting to.

“We are testing those things [plant-based foods] today. If they prove to have consumer appeal and are items we could offer at a good value to the customers and be profitable for the franchisees, and if there is a good stable supply for those products, you may see some of them on the Domino’s menu,” Allison told Yahoo Finance

“I have personally tried many of the plant-based proteins, and I think the industry is doing a pretty good job today particularly around things that come in the form of crumbles—so think about sausage or beef that you would put on a pizza.” 

According to Allison multiple new products are set to be launched this year but he would not disclose if plant-based vegan options were among those launches.

Competitor Pizza Hut has been testing vegan sausage at an Arizona location and Little Caesars  Pizza has its own sausage made in collaboration with Beyond Meat so things are heating up in the U.S. vegan pizza game.

Domino’s is already offering multiple vegan options in the UK and Australia including vegan cheese from Follow Your Heart a California based American company that also makes Veganaise.

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