Ozzy Osbourne Speaks Out Against Cat Declawing In New Ad

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The prince of darkness himself has spoken out in a new PETA ad against cat “declawing”. The controversial former frontman for Black Sabbath is showing his kinder, gentler side after decades of controversy from his many stunts and antics over the years that have harmed animals.

The ad pictured below shows Ozzy Osbourne in a vintage-looking black and white photo with the tops of his fingers barbarically removed as blood drips down. This mirrors the reality of what happens to cats when they are “declawed” because far more than claws are taken.

The ad poster reads, “never declaw a cat. It’s an amputation, not a manicure.” That is the outright truth many either don’t know or don’t want to know.

Cat “declawing” has been banned around the world in entire countries like Australia and England. Multiple cities in the United States have also banned this horrifying practice of amputation including San Francisco, Denver, and most recently New York State.

The euphemistic wording of calling it “declawing” is much like calling killing “livestock” animals “harvesting, it conceals the reality of what is really happening. It is, in fact, the amputation of a cats first knuckles forward which removed the portion of their toes they naturally walk on.

A disgusting practice that continues because people place the value of a couch above that of a living sentient being they claim to love and care for despite there being alternative methods available. 

Veterinarians themselves often push the amputation procedure because it is so financially lucrative and can be done quickly one after another. For more information on this subject or to find a veterinarian near you that does not support “declawing” we recommend checking out The Paw Project’s website. 

The paw project also has a documentary that came out a few years ago that is very informative on this subject that I highly recommend watching and sharing with friends or family considering doing this to their own cats.

This practice of amputation disguised as “declawing” is a form of animal cruelty in the worst of ways and many including Ozzy himself agree saying: 

“amputating a cat’s toes is twisted and wrong. If your couch is more important to you than your cat’s health happiness, you don’t deserve to have an animal. Get cats a scratching post—don’t mutilate them for life.”

He’s absolutely correct especially since there are methods to stop cats from clawing furniture that does not require a crippling life long surgery of amputation including:

Glue on claw covers that stop your feline friend from digging into furniture. These can be placed on by you or a groomer.

Double-sided tape made specifically for cats and furniture. Cats don’t like when their paws stick to surfaces so they stop the behavior after the first or second attempt at it.

Or you can actually take the time to trim your cat’s nails and train them not to scratch your furniture. Placing cat scratching posts and other surfaces near where they scratch or attempt to scratch and scolding them with a firm “NO!” when they do it on the wrong surface will change their behavior, trust me I’m a cat dad with four little buggers.

While Ozzy has a not so pleasant history when it comes to animals from once very famously biting the head off a live bat on stage in 1982 (Which he later said didn’t know was real) to getting high on Acid and shooting his wife Sharon’s 30 or so cats because he was having a bad trip and hearing endless meows it’s nice to see him trying a plant-based diet and campaigning against “declawing” for PETA.

During Ozzy’s many years of experimenting between plant-based vegan diets and vegetarianism, his daughter Kelly Osbourne and even his wife Sharon Osbourne have become plant-based and possibly even vegan.

In an anti-fur campaign from 2015 Sharon said: 

 “I was educating myself through documentaries on what goes in to actually making these fur coats and fur scarves that I was wearing. When I realized how it was done, I was sickened. I was absolutely sickened by it. I had no idea that anyone would want to make a coat out of a cat or a dog.”

His daughter Kelly went on a plant-based diet back in June of 2018 reportedly for health reasons. On her Instagram she posted:

“I used to think being a vegan was boring. It turns out I have way more fun with food now than I ever did before.”

Kelly Osbourne has also said she orders Oatly’s vegan oat milk shipped directly from the United Kingdom to her Los Angeles home:

“Oatly changed my life. I have to go to England to get this. I get it sent to me because it’s sold out everywhere here.”

As said previously in this article you can learn more about the barbaric practice of “declawing” and why you should never do it to anyone by reading up on The Paw Project’s website or by checking out their documentary through the trailer below.

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