Beyond Meat Will Be Cheaper Than Flesh By 2025 Says Vegan Saudi Prince

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Prince Khaled Alwaleed bin Talal a Saudi Arabian royal who is staunchly vegan is predicting that plant-based vegan products from Beyond Meat will become much cheaper than traditional flesh-based meats by 2025.

Prince Khaled’s investment firm KBW Ventures is helping to drive his mission to create a vegan world by investing in multiple plant-based vegan companies.

He has so far invested in the United Kingdom-based The Vurger Co., California based Plant Power Fast Food, and Beyond Meat among other vegan companies as well.

“We are really focused on companies that solve problems that the world is going through right now and one of these problems, actually one of the biggest problems we’re facing right now, is global warming. The third most impactful industry is the animal-agriculture industry and we have to just find a better way to source protein for people,” Prince Khaled told CNBC

“Slowly but surely, what is going to happen with Beyond Meat and others is that their price point is going to go dramatically down—and I’m betting that Beyond Meat will be cheaper than traditional meat by 2025 at the absolute maximum.” 

He has also recently invested in Turtle Tree Labs a company that is looking to disrupt traditional dairy by creating a new product that is identical to bovine mammary fluids except they forgo the infanticide and exploitation of the more traditional process.

“At the end of the day,” Prince Khaled said, “babies should be drinking human milk, not cow milk.”

The companies on the front lines of the war against traditional agriculture are fighting a multi-front war, however. Not only do they need to overcome the difficulty in getting their product’s materials to be competitively cost-effective they also have to fight against the subsidies that the “dairy” and “meat” industries are propped up by.

The “dairy” industry itself has been subsidized since WWII because it would have collapsed otherwise. We, in fact, did an entire video on this you can watch here.

Production issues have also cropped up for the new plant-based companies including JUST who make JUST Egg. They however have just recently expanded into a new facility in Appleton Minnesota where the have 30,000 square feet and 40 acres on which to produce JUST Egg now.

Most of the factors that have been holding back many plant-based manufacturers are slowly resolving themselves as these brands continue to expand, streamline and take on more investors.

The Prince is certainly not alone in seeing the 1 billion dollar vegan market becoming a dominant force. A think tank believes that by the end of the decade “Dairy” will collapse and animal agriculture, in general, will be following right behind it.

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