Starbucks Now Has Beyond Meat Beyond Sausage Sandwiches

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On March 3rd, Starbucks will introduce a new Beyond Meat®, Cheddar and Egg Sandwich to its Canadian stores, alongside the launch of their new spring menu.

It won’t be a test in certain markets; this meatless breakfast sandwich will be part of Starbucks Canada’s core menu, offering customers a compelling new choice for breakfast. Not bad, eh?!

According to the company, Starbucks worked together with Beyond Meat® to develop a recipe uniquely designed with the Starbucks customer in mind.

The sandwich features a plant-based patty topped with cheddar cheese and egg on an artisanal bun. So while the new item isn’t fully plant-based, it does give Starbucks’ consumers a new way to enjoy the breakfast sandwiches they’ve come to love, now with less of an environmental footprint in every bite.

So, what does it taste like? The patty is made with a unique blend of herbs and spices, featuring oregano, basil, rosemary, and fennel.

These ingredients were designed to complement the flavors Starbucks customers know and expect.

We’ll get a true read on how consumers feel once it hits stores across Canada next week. I’m sure the twitterverse will be abuzz, if previous Beyond Meat roll-outs are any indication.

Starbucks isn’t the first one in on the act. Dunkin Donuts rolled out their Beyond Meat Sausage Sandwich last November, earning rave reviews and even getting Snoop Dogg to dish them out (video below).

The CEO of Dunkin Donuts is pretty pumped too. On a recent earnings call, he said their average ticket nearly doubled when customers add a Beyond Meat sandwich.

The full sandwich contains 25g of protein, and nearly half (10g) of that comes from the patty itself.

The Beyond Meat® patty is made with plant-based protein derived from peas and brown rice.

This doesn’t sound very appealing, but it tastes a lot like meat when you bite into it.

Now, you may be asking yourself, “when is it going to come to the US?” Starbucks’ COO Roz Brewer mentioned on their Q1 earnings call that they are continuing to explore a plant-based breakfast sandwich in the US, but gave no additional details.

I’m no Dionne Warwick, but I can envision something very similar hitting the US market before ‘20 is over.

Ethan Brown, Founder/CEO of Beyond Meat
Ethan Brown is not only the CEO of Beyond Meat, he’s also a client. BEYOND MEAT

Ethan Brown, Founder, and CEO of Beyond Meat, is excited to have a name like Starbucks in their corner.

“We’re thrilled that Starbucks is introducing the Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich as a core menu item at all stores across Canada.

We believe the offering delivers on our promise of enabling consumers to Eat What You Love™ while also enjoying the nutritional  and environmental benefits of plant-based protein.” 

Now, the success of this initiative is not guaranteed.

You may recall that Tim Horton’s pulled the Beyond Meat breakfast sandwiches from its menu last month, signaling that Canadian consumers are still getting comfortable with these new options.

Starbucks’ decision to launch the Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich is a strong indication they anticipate better success.

And with climate change seemingly worsening by the day, let’s hope they do.

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