The Tik Tok Cat Killer Must Be Stopped

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An alleged cat killer that has been dubbed the “Crazy Cat Lady” is on the loose across multiple platforms with Tik Tok being the most prominent of them.

Multiple people online from 4 Chan to Reddit are working to identify the sadistic cat killer that started on free video chat platform Omegle with livestreams that allegedly feature her torturing and murdering cats.

The now-removed Tik Tok account has been using the platform to announce her livestream schedule on Omegle for the next time her twisted livestreams will be up.

Some big Youtubers have been calling this activity out with the biggest and most notable person being Muta of “SomeOrdinaryGamers” channel fame.

Muta has made several videos detailing the ongoing “Crazy Cat Lady” case with the most recent saying that the police and other authorities are now involved including the companies these acts were allegedly committed on; Omegle and Tik Tok.

Muta breaks down the current state of the “Crazy Cat Lady” cat killer situation

The cat killer has used multiple tags from the “furry” community including “furry,” “fursuit,” “furries” and “furryfandom” as a way to shock and upset that particular community but also create an easy way for their “fans” to find their ever-changing accounts.

In a video alleged to be the same cat killer she gives bizarre reasoning for her actions saying:

“Why you ask? Because I’m tired of degenerate brats who think they are better than me. I was raped once and abused by my boyfriend. I want to put fear in others even if I scar brats.”

The SubReddit “Don’t F*** With Cats” Reddit users have been working together in an effort to track down the identity of this so-called “Crazy Cat Lady”. 

Some think she lives in France while others believe she is located in Houston, Texas but this information was all acquired by amateurs and could easily be thwarted by a VPN (a program used to hide your location).

To some of you, the “Don’t F*** With Cats” SubReddit may sound familiar as it’s also the title of a Netflix docu-series that follows internet sleuths attempting to discover the real identity of a man who tortured cats over a period of years before moving on to murdering a man on video.

The “Crazy Cat Lady” is certainly eerily reminiscent of that case that was eventually cracked wide open thanks to internet detectives and all of their information proving that Luka Magnotta was in fact both the killer of the cats in the videos he taunted investigators with and the killer of the human who was found in an alley cut into pieces.

In a now-deleted Tik Tok video the “Crazy Cat Lady” wrote:

“I have friends watching any posts, accounts, etc, that is talking about me. Those calling the police I already know but my childhood friend and told me about it since her Grandpa is a chief cop.”

The Houston police have been contacted by numerous users on these forums because of the recent address leaks that are allegedly from the cat killer but the Houston police have no statement at this time on the situation when we reached out.

On Sunday, May 3rd the “Don’t F*** With Cats” SubReddit was “temporarily closed” in an effort to keep finding the killers personal information more private. The “Don’t F*** With Cats” community stated to Vegan News that:

“There is doxxing going on here and this sub needs to be temporarily closed until we figure out what to do. Don’t send a message asking for entry, you’re only adding on and delaying the discussion we are trying to have. If you care, don’t message us right now.”

Many graphic pictures and videos have been posted in a shocking display of both arrogance and sociopathic mental illness. As a cat lover and vegan, it is truly heartbreaking and disgusting to see happening.

If you see anything the first thing you should do is report it to the authorities like the FBI Cybercrime Division. Do not post pictures of the supposed killer’s face going around as these may very likely be fake and could get the wrong person hurt.

You can also report any content found to the platforms themselves on Omegle and Tik Tok but keep in mind this could cause evidence to be lost if nobody saves the videos or pictures posted.

As brazen and sadistic as this killer has been it’s only a matter of time before he or she is caught and brought to justice. 

Cross your fingers and paws out there that this is resolved sooner rather than later because as we’ve seen in the past these people start with animals first and then “graduate” to humans.

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Brandon Kirkwood

Animal Rights Activist (ARA), Vegan, Creator and editor of Vegan News, Father to an awesome cat named Boba, Youtuber

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