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A heartbreaking video displaying the so-called “crushing” sexual fetish has been circulating across social media since about May 8th.

The video shows three barefoot women stepping on different portions of a little kitten who screams in agony for the sick pleasure of fetishists.

People are outraged and rightfully so but the Facebook profile that posted this video is not who created the video they are sharing it for some sick amount of attention from trolling others.

Initially many thought the video showing horrific animal abuse was from Malaysia but as it turns out this is not the case.

The video is actually over five years old and originated from a foot fetish “crushing” group in Honduras.

According to Tuan Abam Cedric, a news channel based in the South American country of Honduras the video showing the vile abuse is from 2015 and was one of many videos uploaded by the fetishist community.

The other videos also include rabbits, stiletto heels, and more kittens in unbelievable displays of callous sociopathy.

The same news channel is also claiming that people were paying anywhere from 2,000-3,000 Honduran Lempiras per video approximately 80-120 U.S. Dollars.

Supposedly arrests were made in this case in Honduras but evidence of that online seems slim.

In Malaysia where this newest post originated Berita Harian filed a police report with local authorities in an attempt to prosecute those who shared this five-year-old video.

Tributes to the slain kitten have begun to pop up online and have become a place for many to grieve what they’ve seen.

Incidents like this remind us how far we truly have to go in this world when it comes to animal rights. Even those species considered protected by non-vegans are at risk from dying an agonizing and unnecessary death.

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Brandon Kirkwood

Animal Rights Activist (ARA), Vegan, Creator and editor of Vegan News, Father to an awesome cat named Boba, Youtuber

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