Veganism Vs. Intersectionals Vs. Anti-Intersectionals Vs. Human Rights

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I recently posted on social media that the vegan community is one of the most toxic communities I’ve ever experienced.

What do I mean? Well, look at the infighting, screenshotting insanity that happened during the height of the pandemic conspiracies, the impossible burger fiasco, and now most shockingly black lives matter. 

I can’t scroll more than a second before seeing a post of racist stupidity or someone calling that stupidity out but most of the posts are about ego and cancel culture, not justice. 

Most posts I see are good people that just need things explained better to them and you can do that it’s not difficult. 

Then there’s the whole intersectionalism, SJW, anti-intersectional and anti-SJW shit that is quite literally tearing apart the community and has been for many years. 

Look, this is really easy ok? if you don’t want to march, protest or support human issues then don’t. 

If you want to support human issues like BLM then do so ok?

Where the two sides seem to be getting at each other’s throats is that one side seems to think that supporting human rights issues somehow means not caring about animal rights enough or not giving enough time to animal rights. 

The other side seems to think you’re a racist nazi if you don’t support human rights issues and that’s not fair or true either. 

Some people want to only focus on the animals and some people see social injustice for humans or animals as both important and interconnected issues that they are. 

It’s frankly ignorant to think that animal rights issues are separate and not connected to human rights issues. 

For as long as I can remember “One struggle one fight! Human freedom animal rights!” has been the oldest used chant in animal rights marches going back to the 80s. 

There are arguments to be made on both “sides” of these ideologies but the reality is the arguing is absolutely pointless and a waste of energy. 

Speciesism is most certainly the primary driver for most of the problems in this world and that’s true whether it’s an animal rights issue or a human rights issue you are looking at. 

But In the same way racism, sexism, homophobia, and other formers of human on human social injustices also affect animals and speciesism. 

Ignorance begets ignorance and violence begets violence as we’ve seen throughout the span of human history including the most recent events. 

To believe that you can isolate out human rights issues from the equation and still achieve a vegan world is a train of thought that is illogical. 

It’s illogical because if you want a world without speciesism, a world of vegans, you need that to include fellow humans from all walks of life. 

People like black Americans who live in a society boiling to the brim with systemic racism and inequality.

A people that are being used literally to make a profit in the for-profit prison systems all while being murdered daily by police aren’t going to listen to us if we are callous to their issues. 

The moment you attempt to sterilize the animal rights movement as non-inclusive to human rights issues you are debasing those that suffer from things like systemic racism. 

Doing so shuts down the dialogue we need to have with non-vegans / pre-vegans. 

Veganism is a moral and ethical position that can only spread if we do so within other communities of people. 

Who could possibly be more open to ending the exploitation and oppression of animals than those in the LGBTQ, black, Latino, and other marginalized communities?

But that won’t happen if we’re not there with them and for them in their fights for equality. 

If we want a better, more equal and just world we need to do it together not fragmented into separate cliques where we argue what oppression is worse than another. 

Do you want an egalitarian world? Do you want a vegan world? How about a world where people treat each other fairly? 

Then stop attacking those who see how animal rights are human rights and vice versa. 

Everything in life is interconnected and animal rights are not an exception to that rule no matter how much you want it to be. 

Veganism can’t be an elitist ethos unattainable to most the movement must evolve and be open to all. 

We have to begin to fight against all oppression in all its forms so we can end it once and for all.

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Brandon Kirkwood

Animal Rights Activist (ARA), Vegan, Creator and editor of Vegan News, Father to an awesome cat named Boba, Youtuber

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