F*ck You Jon Venus

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From the title, you probably know how this article is going to go and you’d be right.

Jon Venus former “Vegan” joins the growing list of plant-based a-holes that latched onto the animal rights and veganism for clout and exposure.

Venus along with other so-called “influencers” have gone back to cruelty like “The Vegetable Police”, “Raw Alignment Alyse”, and others.

The vegan community has almost gotten used to the clickbait titles on these “ex-vegans” coming out as “no longer vegan”. We screenshot and share while seething that so and so betrayed the animals but deep down we know they never gave a crap.

Their self promoting know no bounds and these no longer “vegan” admission videos are just another way of attempting to gain clout and further their careers in a world that isn’t vegan.

That’s what it really comes down to for these plant-based clout chasers that pretend to be one of us. They get built up by vegans and our community and once they get big they jettison veganism for business opportunities.

They always have a whole absurd list of reasons that are easily debunked but they’ve already made up the justification in their own minds to go back to hurting the innocent.

If you’d like a break down of Jon Venus’ excuse video you can check out the video Mic. The Vegan put out below.

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Brandon Kirkwood

Animal Rights Activist (ARA), Vegan, Creator and editor of Vegan News, Father to an awesome cat named Boba, Youtuber

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