Adidas Goes Vegan With Their Classic Shoes

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Adidas has just launched a brand new campaign called “Our Icons Go Vegan” an initiative to go cruelty-free and vegan with their classic and iconic shoes.

Back in 2018 Adidas revealed their very first veganized sneaker the iconic Stan Smith sneakers in a collaboration with designer Stella McCartney.

They launched a second version of that 2018 sneaker with eclectic and colorful star patterns with thick rainbow shoelaces last year.

Both sneakers added to their growing collection of vegan options are both proudly embossed with an “Adidas Original Vegan” logo and made with plant-based animal-free materials, which even includes the glue.

The new shoes are both made from a PU-coated recycled polyester upper and the Continental 80 features a grown algae-based EVA foam in its midsole.

Adidas says the algae-based EVA foam cleans a minimum of 30 liters of polluted lake water while in production.

When describing the classic Continental 80 shoes Adidas said:

“The shoe that once found its rhythm in the packed fitness studios of the ‘80s makes some new moves today, so swap out the bold colors of the ’80s and exchange them for a brighter future.”

The Continental 80 shoes are available in 3 color hues: Cloud White, Collegiate Navy, Scarlet, and cost $80.

Adidas describes the iconic classic Samba style sneakers as:

“The Adidas Samba shoes are no stranger to covering expansive ground. With the same look and feel as the original style, this version advocates for a better future with an entirely vegan design. The signature T-toe keeps them rooted in the soccer fields of the past.”

The shoes are available in 3 color hues:  Cloud White, Core Black and Gum.

According to the brand, the sneakers are 100% vegan since all materials including glues and color dyes are free from animal ingredients.

Both of the shoes are available to buy on the brand’s website for $80 a pair or 3 interest-free payments of $26.67.

As one of the very few sportswear companies that have released multiple vegan shoe models in the last few years Adidas is positioning their brand for the compassionate future consumers are choosing more every day.

The companies long-term collaboration with vegan fashion designer Stella McCartney has helped show the industry the way to have a whole range of animal-free, sustainable, vegan athletic gear.

The most popular vegan shoes of 2020 listed by “Vegans With Appetite” are:

Alphaedge 4D, Ultraboost, Stella McCartney Stan Smith, Pureboost, Adillette Slides, Parley for women and Ultraboost, Parley, Denim Daily Sneaker 2.0, Questar Flow, Adilette Slides and the Terrex Tracerocker for men.

Adidas goes vegan by making their classic and iconic sneakers vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

“These vegan Adidas shoes completely eliminate the use of animal products. So swap out the bold colors of the ‘80s and exchange them for a brighter future.” said Adidas in their press release.

The new Adidas line joins vegan, cruelty-free shoes by other companies like the Nike “Space Hippie”, the pineapple leather made Hugo Boss dress shoes, Puma running shoes made from recycled materials, and Kat Von D’s vegan shoes.

As the vegan future continues to move forward we can expect many more of the classic shoes we once wore becoming vegan.

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