Slutty Vegan Gives It Away AGAIN While Battling Racists

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On June 30th Atlanta’s Slutty Vegan yet again doled out free food from open until close thanks to a partnership with multiple celebrities.

Rapper/musician Ludacris, actress Gabrielle Union, Actress La La Anthony (who is also the wife of NBA star Carmelo Anthony), and NBA player Chris Paul joined forces to buy out the restaurant for the entire day. 

They bought it out as a way to thank Slutty Vegan and its owner Pinky Cole for making such big contributions to the local Atlanta, Georgia community.

Contributions like the most recent one where she provided in collaboration with HBCU Clark Atlanta University to send all four of Rayshard Brooks’ children to college including housing and food.

Slutty Vegan owner Pinky Cole giving a car to Rayshard Brooks' widow
Pinky Cole owner of Slutty vegan give a new van to Rayshard Brooks’ widow and four children.

Rayshard Brooks was murdered by police in an Atlanta Wendy’s parking lot on June 12th sparking further national outrage and protests that were already in motion from the murder of another Black American at the hands of police, George Floyd.

Her kindness and community outreach caused a large backlash recently when Pinky Cole gave not only Rayshard Brooks’ children college tuition but also provided a new car and life insurance policy for their mother to help the children in the event of her death.

Bigots attacked the Slutty Vegan Facebook, Yelp, and Google reviews section giving negative reviews after a false rumour spread that Slutty Vegan refused to feed police officers.

Some reviews even posted “All Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter” bigoted rhetoric in their fake reviews.

Over a three day period, the false negative reviews poured in but so did far more positive reviews as the vegan community responded back in overwhelming support with more than 18,000 positive five-star reviews.

Slutty Vegan has five-star reviews across all platforms again despite the bigoted review attempts to tear down this amazing fixture of both the vegan and Atlanta communities.

She paid off the debts of over 30 HBCU Clark Atlanta University students last summer saying that she did it because it makes her feel good. CAU is also her alma mater so she has a special connection to the college and knows what that debt feels like.

In September of last year, she also paid off Khalil Perry’s $8,000 dollars in student debt.

The CAU student was about to drop out because he couldn’t afford to continue his education so he put a gofundme up. Pinky Cole saw the fundraiser and sprung into action paying off the full amount.

During the current financial hardships caused by the sickness we will not mention (advertisers hate it) she actually paid the rent of several local Atlanta area businesses and provided free meals to hundreds of front line workers.

Celebrities in the black community have flocked to Slutty Vegan both for the personality of owner Pinky Cole and for the delicious food. Shaquille O’Neal even made a special appearance chowing down on burgers. 

Snoop Dogg, Usher, Jermaine Dupri, Lena Waithe, Tyler Perry, Jaleel White, and many other celebrities have also visited enjoying the incredible food at Slutty Vegan where they call it getting “Sluttified”.

Cole’s wildly successful restaurant that has ranked number one in google search results since nearly its beginning started in 2018 as a simple food truck.

The food truck was so successful that customers would wait in line for six hours to get delicious staples like the Dancehall Queen, One Night Stand, and the Fussy Hussy all using the Impossible Foods Impossible Burger patties.

Recently Pinky Cole’s latest heartfelt helping hand comes from her team up with musician Jermaine Dupri and Impossible foods to launch the “Votenik Campaign” that has the goal of encouraging people to get out and vote by keeping them fed.

The big vegan heart of Cole is something all vegans and non-vegans should strive to have. Instead of buying expensive cars or jewelry she’s lifting up her community and helping to build a better world with each selfless action she takes.

If you can be like anyone be like Pinky Cole

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