Must Watch Vegan Film Of 2017! Free Link To Watch!

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“Carnage: Swallowing The Past” is one of those films that takes you by surprise. At first it seems like its not going to be very good or have much point and the acting is a little off as is the rest of the production but don’t let that fool you! This movie is awesome! The vegan community is going to see clips from this film going viral all over social media and the internet for the rest of our lives!

There’s a serious message under the seeming absurdity of a vegan utopia and Simon Amstell wrote this mockumentary from the year 2067 well, its “This Is Spinal Tap” for vegans but especially carnists who get their guilt o’meter cranked all the way to eleven!

Favorite line from the movie: “We aren’t vegans! They are carnists!” and that is something I will be saying for the rest of my life!

I won’t spoil even one scene from this subversive BBC “comedy” that is going to worm its way into carniststs brains and help effect some change. Heres a free link to watch!

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