PETA & Moby Ceremony Dubs Los Angeles Most Vegan

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Moby, the award winning musician, animal rights activist and over thirty-year vegan, conducted a ceremony at his vegan bistro in conjunction with PETA. Included at the celebration was a large “Hollywood” sign made from carved veggies and a wide selection of compassionate vegan food options.

Moby declared that “Los Angeles has now been named the vegan capital of the world, and I’m proud to live here because there is vegan food galore.”

Moby commented when asked about why he went vegan:

“What led me to adopt a vegan lifestyle is simply that I love animals and don’t want to contribute to their suffering in any way. Most Angelenos know that you can also help the planet by reducing your carbon footprint and lower your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and so many other health issues by eating this way.”



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Brandon Kirkwood

Animal Rights Activist (ARA), Vegan, Creator and editor of Vegan News, Father to an awesome cat named Boba, Youtuber

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