Trader Joes Launches New Oatmilk

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An affordable, dairy free, sugar free, oat milk fortified with vitamins A, D, and B12 is now on shelves in Trader Joe’s through out the United States. The company describes it as “delightfully smooth” and “mildly sweet” even without sugar added.

The oat milk joins their other varieties of plant based vegan milks including a cultured cashew milk, blended almond, cashew, and macadamia available in both “shelf stable” and refrigerated options.

Trader Joe’s is a know hot spot for vegan noms even bringing back their much sought after coconut whipped cream that was discontinued in 2017. They’ve been teasing the the launch of their new vegan burgers containing 18 grams of protein and set to be a rival to Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods burger options.

Vegan milk sales went up by 9 percent in 2018 as 2500 dairy farms closed the same year in the United States according to the Plant based Foods Association and the USDA. Consumer demand for ecologically sustainable and cruelty free plant based alternatives actually caused a shorted of oat milk that same year.

Dairy free milks only take up a small portion of the market yet its popularity is skyrocketing especially in comparison to that of declining dairy milk and products. 48 percent of Americans and 25 percent of consumers in the UK have made these alternatives a regular item on their grocery lists.

A recent study by the AHDB a board funded by farmers discovered that farmers saw a 50 percent drop in profits between 2018-2019 and that One dairy farmer leaves the industry per week (A very conservative estimate). 

A litany of grocery stores are creating private label vegan milk alternatives because people are more likely to purchase the cheaper store branded items than the brand name. Target, Costco, Giant, Kroger, Whole Foods and many others have all launched plant based milks to meet demand. In fact Nielsen data has store brand items selling three times faster than the name brands between 2016-2017. 

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